Poe onslaught. Ultimate Flask Crafting Guide (PoE Expedition 3.15)

Many of these changes are intended to affect every character in the game in some way, but we're still going to continue our tradition of making changes to the most powerful and least powerful mechanics to improve build diversity.

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" - Atalui, Vaal Priestess Right click to drink.

Explore the• This change provides more choice for builds that can be supported by a variety of support gems and lessens the relative damage loss incurred by using a support gem that doesn't provide direct damage, like Chain or Ancestral Call.

ye, read about that DoT thing aswell, however, if it has to be killed by the DoT then it means the inital hit of say fire trap or vortex can't deal the killing blow.

" - Atziri, Queen of the Vaal Right click to drink.

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Following the end of the leagues, these base types became available to drop in standard and hardcore permanent leagues.

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Has greater effect on lower-rarity flasks.

It only starts running if it can regenerate Life or Mana, and it also deactivates once the concerned resource fills up.

Can only hold charges while in belt.

Instead, the Divide and Conquer threshold jewel has been reworked, and is now called Seething Fury.

16 Apr Related guides• Refills as you kill monsters.

Don't be a jerk• [Removed by Support] If you don't like playing the game while leveling and the process of gearing yourself.

Right click to drink.

In general, mana multipliers have gone up slightly, but several gems have had mana multipliers lowered as a result of this pass.