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04 Aug 2021 Tags• And so had Bellamy in her previous life. In a booking photo obtained by USA TODAY, the actress can be seen with tears falling down her face. Comments: Kudos: Bookmarks: Hits: 3871• As the rift between their peoples grows, so too does the disconnect between Octavia Blake and her former compatriots, who she never felt fully a part of due to the circumstances of her birth. The Trikru Pack is the largest but the Mountain Pack has always been their worst enemy; taking their people and turning them into Reapers. Summary An Ancient Brotherhood and an Ancient Cult brought the world to destruction and Humanity to the edge of extinction, but some few yet lived, encased in two miles of rotating metal above their ashen homeworld. 01 Aug 2021 Tags• Jasper Jordan 28• by Fandoms:• Fluff 30• 14 Mar 2021 Tags• Alternate Universe 1• srcElement a. Along the way, she's dropped some very quotable lines on the series, and we've collected some of the most memorable. Multi 1 Include Fandoms• t,dt:g. .