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Israeli—Palestinian conflict [ ] In the , Steinmeier supports a and calls for an end to the Israeli occupation of the. . Quirinale. Dann aber dieses Bild: Am Mikrofon Frank-Walter Steinmeier. SPIEGEL ONLINE, Germany. contentWindow. Zuwanderung als chance aus dem jahr 2009 mindestens eine passage abgeschrieben. .

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In 1993, he became director of the Personal Office for the prime minister of Lower Saxony,.


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Alison Smale 15 October 2014 , The New York Times.

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Merkel was re-elected in the Bundestag on 14 March 2018.

Pressed by lawmakers to say more on his attitude toward Russia in the wake of the high-profile murders of opposition figures and at a 2007 hearing at the , Steinmeier stated that "[t]here is a certain trend toward [media] hysterics and one needs to get a sense of reason back into the debate".