Jasmine harrison. British rower becomes youngest woman to row across the ocean alone

Alone in the middle of the ocean, she refocused her mind during moments of panic and overthinking had been the youngest woman to row across the Atlantic at age 22 in 2010
There was quite a lot of that I didn't say 'not a chance I would do that,' it was more a fact of why not do it? So it put me back in a time for me to appreciate that moment a little bit more
During times of distress, Harrison says the music that got her back on track wasn't uplifting, but "really sad" songs that "would make [her] know that it could be a lot worse 🏆 — Atlantic Campaigns ACampaigns "I enjoy travelling by myself because I see so many rewards
" A new role model When asked what she would say to a young woman who may think that an accomplishment of this magnitude is impossible, Harrison pointed to self-appreciation and commitment as core values Along the 4,828 km 3,000 miles route, she encountered a wide variety of wildlife: a few whales, a striped marlin, triggerfish, a pod of dolphins, which followed her for days, and pilot fish swimming below
' I was actually already pretty low, but I needed to hear something even lower to bring me up adapted it for the web
21, 2021 She even capsized at one point, when she was violently catapulted into the water
You also need to do something," she said 🎥 RUDDERLY MAD FINISH VIDEO - NEW WORLD RECORD 🎥 21 year old Jasmine Harrison of completes in 70 days, 3 hours, 48 minutes and has become to youngest female to row solo across any ocean! "Especially because then I could be the youngest solo female to ever row an ocean and try and inspire more young people, particularly girls to just give something a go," she wrote