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Tevis, Walter 1983 Februar 2020, abgerufen am 3
April 2021 Nominierung als Beste Hauptdarstellerin in einer Miniserie Anya Taylor-Joy• from the original on November 24, 2020
2020• In an article about the miniseries in , British chess champion felt that the chess scenes were "well choreographed and realistic", while British Women's chess champion said, "I think it's a fantastic TV series Alone, she removes all his belongings from the house and redecorates the house
Montag, 2 The Queen's Gambit
Beth buys more tranquilizers from a pharmacy before flying home to arrange Alma's burial, ordering her trademark as tribute As was common during the 1950s, the orphanage dispenses daily pills to the girls to "balance their disposition", which turns into an addiction for Beth