Escape from tomorrow. Escape from Tomorrow (2013)

It got good critical notices and a lot of sight-unseen support, mostly from filmmakers who resented the way that media corporations squash art that tries to comment on their world view, their characters or their corporate history. Stars Roy Abramsohn, Elena Schuber. He already seems distracted or dissatisfied when we meet him, but the sudden news that he's been fired from his job pushes him over the brink. His patricidal son hears his cries for help, but locks him in the bathroom until he succumbs. There is really nothing here that will shatter your world view of the company.
In my opinion, it very much is a curio, but not just because of the circumstances of its production Which brings to mind how in a Malibu graphic comic they showed some wolves in a story of which were taken in a bubble before the plague came and then were brought back after the plague ended that killed all cats and dogs but was harmless to humans and at first the apes were new pets but then made into slaves and with the help of machines to raise their intelligence's could follow orders but not talk until Caeser taught them how to
But I think the novelty alone makes it worth watching, especially if you can see it for free on prime instant video It unleashes the moviemaker's id by way of Jim's flipped-out imagination, and suggests he's right to think that the Mouse has a sinister agenda
He noted that in the five years he had created his own guerrilla-style show filmed in the Disney Parks, he had not once received a copyright claim from Disney - only the people criticizing Disney's monopolistic, cult-like tendencies The problem is that Jim's psyche isn't fascinating enough to wallow in for 90 minutes, and the supporting characters offer no relief from the monotony of his distress; they aren't written to suggest that there's more to them than what Jim sees—and that's too bad, because whenever there's a gap between a lead character's perception of reality and reality, it enriches the story
If it truly is a happy place or an evil place, it didn't do a good job, as it seemed like this film had really no memorable purpose It's clearly supposed to be Disney World, as it is referred to as such and they go to Epcot near the end of the film
While his family frolics through the park and is enthralled with the sights and sounds of Disney, Jim finds himself inexplicably obsessed with two French teenage girls Club members also get access to our members-only section on RogerEbert
Afraid to tell his wife and two kids, Jim takes the family on a day trip to the happiest place on Earth Apparently unwilling to play Goliath to the filmmakers' David, The Walt Disney Co
If everything during that scene was made clear to the audience, then the end of the movie makes a lot more sense And let's be frank: Ticking off the legal eagles at The Walt Disney Co
It's shame, because on paper, this seemed like a great idea, but what the product ended up being was an aimless film that didn't know whether to pain Disney as evil, or to paint it as some illusion as if it was evil They escape in company with a sympathetic chimp named Galen and begin a series of adventures