Ac valhalla vinland. Vinland, Assassin's Creed Valhalla Map

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The locked chest is by a small tent on the eastern side of the outpost.

So, play this one first.

Narfljot Camp Carbon Ingot x2.

What a treat gamers get in when they arrive in Vinland! Speak To Nessa At The Docks Most questlines begin with Randvi, but you'll have to make a pit stop with Hytham on this one.

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They are located within enemy camps and most require at least one key to open, and they can be found on elite enemies.

How to get to Vinland? You will receive this quest automatically when you have collected all the clues about Gorm Kjotvesson.

The cairn mystery ends here.


Avoid the big rocks by going around them and always check if Arne is close to you Hvallgrof Outpost 2 Carbon Ingot x2
Narfljot Camp Carbon Ingot• Hordafylke World Events• getOwnPropertyDescriptor e,t The Prophecies of the King• Kill him and then run like the wind away from the guards
Some people are able to defeat it with their bare fists, but this isn't something most players can accomplish To begin the mystery, get to the location shown below, marked by the map marker
The chest is located in the red tent Chris can be found on Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and practically anywhere else Sixchr
The Kingmaker's Saga• A Tale of Wicker-Fire• RELATED: There is plenty of wildlife around for you to pursue, as well as several that will look to kill you gamesradar
It was possibly in modern-day Newfoundland or further to the south Like Hordafylke, it is not connected to the other lands, so you can only reach it by sailing
Mysteries• 0,writable:! The Tale of Thegn Oswald• It's not the biggest revelation in the world, but it's a neat little connection to a future story in the timeline But it's a beautiful region of largely untouched nature, and it's incredibly peaceful to explore
slice The person Eivor was tracking in Vinland was attempting to use the artifact to access this vault
Essexe World Events• Come here, you skydiver! twitter He is just across the river west of Okonhsa:ke waypoint
gamesradar By most historic accounts, the Norse reached Vinland around AD 1000, led by Leif Erikson