Ronaldo cola flasche. Cristiano Ronaldo und die Sache mit den Cola

Erst kurz zuvor hatte Ronaldo dies mit Cola-Flaschen getan.

At 9:30 a.

" Also, following Ronaldo's act, French midfielder Paul Pogba decided to do the same with the alcoholic brand Heineken by removing its bottle during a press conference.

How did Coca-Cola react to Ronaldo? And we will see it again.

Ronaldo held up his water bottle before setting it down and said 'Agua' - the Portuguese term for water - in an apparent attempt to urge people to drink water instead of Coca-Cola.

Manuel Locatelli took the same stance as Ronaldo prior to Italy's 3-0 victory against Switzerland in their second Group A fixture last Wednesday, smiling broadly while placing a water bottle at centre stage instead of the customary two Coca-Cola bottles.

Dabei zischte die Plastikflasche an ihm vorbei aufs Spielfeld.

Cristiano Ronaldo's disdain for Coca-Cola has been one of the major talking points of the European Championship, but why did his actions cause so much controversy? How have other brands reacted? Vor Ronaldos Geste lag der Marktwert des Unternehmens bei 242 Milliarden Dollar.

16 at market close on Monday.

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Many of my sponsor clients have mentioned this in the past, particularly those targeting younger consumers.

Die Aufnahmen gingen viral.

Bei den Spielen muslimischen Glaubens soll es allerdings eine Ausnahme geben.

Markets and the news cycle have a funny relationship.