Monstronaut. 2021

The grand finale of "The Masked Singer" next week will feature turtles, flamingos, leopards and dinosaurs.

But it's the intricate beading and rhinestone work that makes this costume stand out, recalling the luxurious decadence of the fashion line.

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It's okay, ProSieben, you have to earn money with your program - but can it be more charming? Retrieved 24 March 2021.

display For the first time, two masks were removed in a "The Masked Singer" semifinals.

There are no new references to the turtle.

I already miss the monstronaut because I can no longer break things all the time laughs.

In almost every show he ran off the stage and ran to the jury table, sometimes knocking over the backdrops.

And who was unmasked? Since 5 February 2021 until 11 February 2021, every day one new costume was revealed.

It just had to be his "best friend" Sasha, Garvey explained. 00 12. 7 22. This time he ran himself and towered over his background dancers by at least two heads. 4 References [ ]• Did you have a hard time playing the rascal as a monstronaut? I will never be able to compete with anyone on "The Voice of Germany". 17 February 2021.