Glitter force. Which Glitter Force Character Are You?

Go-Q-Choji Ikkiman 1986• Retrieved December 27, 2015.

1995—1996• The opening theme is "Let's go! Anime News Network.

Episode 19.

Akane's family runs an restaurant, where she sometimes works.

1st Japanese DVD volume of Smile Precure! Later when they fight , he tells them all and Emily forgives her along with the rest of the.

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Her signature move is Sunny Fire, which is done by her running and jumping towards a formed ball of fire similar to a volleyball and it; its stronger variant is called Sunny Fire Burning.

Hai Step Jun 1985—1986• " The show is currently licensed by Hasbro.

She wears light blue Capri pants with ruffles and strapped pink platform heels.


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Cure Peace! Rubenkaiser 1977—1978• Being while overseer of the Three Commanders' progress, Joker also seeks the Miracle Jewel with the intention of destroying it and anything else that gives others hopes.

Contents• In a rush, Emily grabs the book Candy flew in and runs to school.

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Media [ ] Anime [ ] See also: The 48-episode Smile PreCure! 2004• Here comes the Glitter Force! 1999—2000• The Glitter Force dub was cited as an example in a The Mary Sue article on the subs vs.

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Kelsey introduces her in class, then she finds the , becomes Glitter Lucky, and defeats.

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1978—1979• She also wears a pink choker.

2004—2005• 1984—1985• She has magenta bike shorts and wears her Glitter Pact on the top of her skirt.

2006• The series was adapted into English by under the name Glitter Force and was released as a exclusive outside of Asia and in multiple languages on December 18, 2015.

But when Nico discards her hatred toward the girl, Demon King personally attacked the Pretty Cure before being purified by Ultra Cure Happy.

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