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However, experts are now saying food inflation will likely to continue as a result of Kaufland's departure.

The main positive is food inflation is likely to persist.

If mortality is worse then markets will focus on what happened with SARS.

04545454545455• So far there is no vaccine for the virus.

' Kaufland was expected to be a cross between a supermarket and stores such as Target and Kmart, selling groceries as well as hardware such as toys, bikes, sports equipment, electronics and household goods.

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Kaufland International acting CEO Frank Schumann also issued an apology for the disruption, and said the chain had to focus on its traditional market.

Hence, the withdrawal reduces the risk to long-term earnings margins Coronavirus Chinese stocks have fallen over the past two days as market participants become increasingly aware of the potential economic damage of the coronavirus
However, importantly, the broker believes China has learnt valuable lessons from the SARS outbreak MORE DON'T MISS• Wir finanziern auf diese Art und Weise das Angebot dieser Webseite
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Ultimately, Commonwealth Bank analysts believe the economic impact will depend on both the seriousness and duration of the outbreak The analysts believe there are some reasons for optimism compared to the SARS outbreak in 2003
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