Katharina eisenblut. Mega good

It is not known to whom a visibly good-humored Katharina Eisenblut addresses these words. com is an offer from. It is switched on via video and has nothing nice to say about Katharina. Is Katharina Eisenblut now doing eye rolls again on Day Alm? There was often trouble with Ioannis Amanatidis 31 in particular. Video leaves fans puzzled After the alleged separation of Katharina Eisenblut and Marvin Ventura, the brunette showed up a few days ago with a new man by her side — is that her new boyfriend? But a few weeks ago the ideal world of together: The casting couple split up. Only to return after a few back and forth with a big grin. Is the DSDS participant freshly in love? Ioannis, on the other hand, sees it a little differently. But the brunette realizes that both have made mistakes. Hatchet with Ioannis not yet buried Nevertheless, the 27-year-old has not changed her view of Ioannis. During the The former owner of the kebab shop broke down in tears several times in front of the RTL camera.

On Monday, Eisenblut fueled the rumors of a new love.


The DSDS star is now ashamed of this.

In retrospect, Katharina is pretty uncomfortable about her behavior, she now confesses to him Talk afterwards.

It seems as if the singer has overcome the pain of separation.

Whether there is already a new man at her side remains to be seen.

Katharina Eisenblut found great love at DSDS, but it broke again Even if the native of Augsburg does not make it into the DSDS live shows which show how overdue his DSDS expulsion was managed, the tearful casting show trip had something good: fell in love with the singer, the singers became lovers.

Now she is attached to the reasons for it! Fate was not kind to the kebab woman, because a little later Katharina Eisenblut experienced a nightmare in Munich: The After the alleged separation of Katharina Eisenblut and Marvin Ventura, the brunette shows herself with a new man at her side — her new boyfriend?.

It goes without saying that ProSieben is also reviewing the conflict scenes between Katharina and Ioannis.