Anno 1800 tutorial. One hour to Investors

Which means I can support 12. To supply this extra demand I move my Schnapps to a new Island, which also gets rid of the negative result currently pressing on my farmers in the Capitol. The newspaper will have to run income continuously, to compensate the royal taxes that rise due to the high tier composition on your single island. The second target is the New World, you need one artisan, to get the Expedition going, which takes 15 minutes, so, takes a large portion of your time. This means I will not have steel for Sewing Machines and the third building bottleneck; concrete. How did I miss that. It costs a lot of influence, which has to be harvested in the Old World. This is why I decided to run another Expert Campaign.
. While concrete is coming in, I am preparing the Oil harbor and supply chain buildings. Since my city still has to be supplied with all kind of items that are used in supply chains. Bought at Eli, he takes away a huge number of production numbers from your chains. Bankruptcy crisis avoided. While this optimizing goes on, you can upgrade more and more people into higher tiers, which is needed to buy the trade-unions with the influence the investors deliver.