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The Einspruch has to be passed with active "no" votes, so that abstentions count as votes against the veto, i If the members of a delegation cast different votes then the entire vote of the respective state is invalid
The formal representation of the states in the federal government through the Bundesrat provides an obvious forum for the coordination of policy between the states and the federal government The Bundesrat wing in Bonn is still used as a second seat
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Der Bundesrat ist ein oberstes Staatsorgan des Bundes Tasks [ ] This section relies largely or entirely on a
a description of the features Definitions What is a subject and sentence predicate? Ernst Rudolf Huber: Deutsche Verfassungsgeschichte seit 1789
It existed from 1871 to 1918 and succeeded the same body of the North German , Karl Koch, Routledge, 1989, page 3• Besides Bundesrat, BR has other meanings
istration of the Federation and in The Bundesrat has increased its legislative responsibilities over time by successfully arguing for a broad, rather than a narrow, interpretation of what constitutes the range of legislation affecting Land interests
Retrieved 2007-01-04 6 million inhabitants have 5 votes,• That Federal Convention consisted of the representatives of the member states
But it can also be regarded as the brain child of a long lasting reform debate within the German Confederation In comparison, the Bundestag conducts about fifty plenary sessions a year
The delegates of a state are equal to one other, in the Bundesrat, hence the minister-president has no special rights compared to his ministers Definition of Bundesrat
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It could also, together with the Emperor, dissolve the Reichstag The three together make up the Bundesrat's executive committee
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Contents• Normally, a state delegation consists of the First Mayor in Bremen and Hamburg, Governing Mayor of Berlin and other cabinet ministers senators in the city states Whenever this happens, the opposition can threaten the government's legislative program
This tradition stems from the 1867 Bundesrat Also since 1921, half of the Prussian votes were not cast by the Prussian state government but by the administrations of the Prussian provinces
English: Abroad, such a parliamentary system is in general called a bicameral one 9 6