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In particular, the feathers create much higher , causing the shuttlecock to decelerate more rapidly.

When the serving side loses a rally, the server immediately passes to their opponent s this differs from the old system where sometimes the serve passes to the doubles partner for what is known as a "second serve".


At high levels of play, the backhand serve has become popular to the extent that forehand serves have become fairly rare at a high level of play.

Even though I could not find anything specified in the regulations from the Badminton World Federation, there is a good resource from where that is explained.

Nowadays, nanomaterials such as and are added to racquets giving them greater durability. Smashing tends to be less prominent in singles than in doubles because the smasher has no partner to follow up their effort and is thus vulnerable to a skillfully placed return. vox-cdn. media-amazon. Here are some tips for wherever you choose:• Menu ini cocok untuk makan siang maupun malam. Masukkan ayam dan gaul rata. 4 m• Elite players develop finger power to the extent that they can hit some power strokes, such as net kills, with less than a 10 centimetres 4 inches racquet swing. Watch d'angelo perform a special tribute to prince on fallontonight at 11:35pm et. Badminton and tennis techniques differ substantially.

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Forehand strokes are hit with the front of the hand leading like hitting with the palm , whereas backhand strokes are hit with the back of the hand leading like hitting with the knuckles.

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In turn, this qualification must be qualified by consideration of the distance over which the shuttlecock travels: a smashed shuttlecock travels a shorter distance than a tennis ball during a serve.