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Sony Ericsson will close the Research Triangle site SO212i• Retrieved October 27, 2011
3-megapixel SoftBank Sony Ericsson premini-S 2004 Stick Not Available docomo Sony Ericsson A1402SII 2004 Flip CMOS 0 W21S - The first CDMA 1X WIN model from Sony Ericsson
MH-700 has removable in-ear plugs• With Handy Explorer software you can browse all drives, files and folders, search for files, and prevent unwanted data loss with Recycle Bin 8 Million Units 14
4 Color 2011 D GSM, Touchscreen 5-megapixel with HD video recording Android 2 9 Million Units "I Love Music" ad banner in Madrid in 2006 "I love" On October 2, 2006, Sony Ericsson adopted a new corporate and advertising identity inspired by in which the circular Sony Ericsson icon is placed instead of a heart meaning "love"
3-megapixel docomo Sony Ericsson A5402S 2003 Flip CMOS 0 GSMArena
15-megapixel F series: Fun phones [ ] Phone model Screen type Released S Technology Form factor Camera Color 2009 D , 3 This walkman branded version of this headset is also branded with BassReflex, which is a technology that improves the Bass quality