Prinzessin margaret ehemänner. Margaret Keane Ehepartner

On 19 March 1976, the Snowdons publicly acknowledged that their marriage had irretrievably broken down.

The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Church received much of the popular anger toward the end of the relationship.

"If a marriage is on, they ask, why not announce it quickly? blogspot.

Subsequently, Margaret went on multiple tours of various places; in her first major tour she joined her parents and sister for a tour of in 1947.

The Queen was advised by her private secretary, , to post Townsend abroad, but she refused and instead transferred him from the Queen Mother's household to her own, although Townsend did not accompany Margaret as planned on a tour of Southern Rhodesia.

Warwick, p.

The British Monarchy, abgerufen am 25.


Sie wurde im buckingham palace erzogen, zog aber nach ausbruch des.