Air force 1 color changing. This Color

itself is now ready to play on its Air Force 1 by offering them a version capable of changing color in the light. The colossus of Beaverton has decided to give life to an innovative version of Air Force 1. Update 06. If there's a specific shoe, color, or item you would like that is currently not available,! This second option features a white tumbled leather upper with UV activity limited to the Swoosh and heel panel. When placed into in an environment where the temperature is below 72F, the molecular structure of the thermochromic paint applied changes, allowing it to turn into a different color.

It is difficult to find a more versatile silhouette than the Air Force 1.

This effect is reversed once the shoes are brought back to 72F.

But once a flash hits the shoe, it will completely transform.

The Air Force in 2018, and the pair of modified 747s are expected to be handed over in 2024, the final year of Biden's term.

"New coats of paint are very easily applied.

In this version, the Swoosh turn powder blue in the sun while the heel panel turns purple.