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2022 The more people use the corona warning app, the faster chains of infection can be broken in future
for full-time at least three out of five working days; for part-time employees with a 4-day week this can be done with a 3-day attendance phase and a 1-day mobile work phase alternating weekly with a 2-day attendance phase and a 2-day mobile work phase Keep a list of participants with names and contact details telephone, e-mail for possible inquiries and keep it safe To reduce the risk of infection, children may still not to be brought into the offices
For questions regarding the creation of a hygiene concept, you can consult with the Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection Group arbeitssicherheit uni-kassel Oral examinations are — provided that hygiene concepts are used - basically possible
the children have not yet reached the age of 12 or are dependent on assistance due to physical, mental or emotional handicap• During this period, please continuously watch for symptoms of illness If possible, participants should travel individually or by public transport
If an exam consists of several completed blocks, this will be indicated at the beginning Using these devices cannot replace ventilation
Around 750 people at the University of Kassel can thus receive a first and second vaccination against Covid-19 via the university's medical service The persons selected are informed by e-mail and directed to an appointment booking system with a link
, lecture hall and seminar room with good ventilation Building ventilation systems Lecture halls and seminar rooms of the University of Kassel, which are equipped with a ventilation system, are currently being operated with a very high outside air volume flow and this will continue during the winter semester
In addition, the regulatory agreement on mobile work shall continue to apply accordingly, initially until 30 You must check whether an approved scholarship has to be repaid in case of early termination or non-appearance in each individual case or this will depend on the standards set by the respective scholarship provider
If a leave of absence has already been granted without an occupational health examination, this must be carried out promptly. Cleaning with common detergents is sufficiant. Theses' in the sense of the regulations are the Bachelor's and Master's theses as well as the scientific paper in the state examinations. If signs of a respiratory infection such as cough, fever, chills, or a loss of taste sensation develop within the 14 days, please call your family doctor's office, ask for a sick note, and then contact the Health Department directly at 0561 787 1968. schoen uni-kassel. Please note the following information:• 5 m, close field, longer than 10 minutes. Auch das Gloria Programmkino in Kassel bleibt wegen Corona geschlossen.
The LEO Learning Center is open Monday through Friday from 10 a. If this is not possible, please inform the Personnel and Organization Department and send an e-mail to personalfragen uni-kassel. In addition, disinfectant dispensers have also been installed at the building entrances to enable the chain of infection to be interrupted when entering a building, even without using the washing facilities. During these 14 days, please reduce your social contacts with people belonging to risk groups elderly, immunocompromised and chronically ill people as much as possible. 5 metres cannot be observed. The list of high-risk and virus variant areas is published on the. credit hours on the flexitime account, overtime and extra hours as well as annual leave have been used• form Aids to protect against corona We have summarised some information and purchase options for various protective items like masks, disinfectants, screens etc. The application is particularly necessary for activities in presence, where a closer and longer contact with other persons in closed rooms is unavoidable. The University of Kassel has reserved a quota of childcare hours for its employees in the flexible childcare program studykidscare from the Studierendenwerk. filmpalast.