Cherry mx board 3.0. Cherry MX Board 3.0 Review

No matter if you are programming, writing or during an extended after-work gaming session 83 lbs
With a keypress Fn F10 , you make make the keyboard "breathe" LEDS glow and dim alternately , have the LEDS light up in a snake pattern, have the LEDS "ripple" across the keyboard, or have them blink in an expanding pattern from each key that is pressed Intelligent, technical design completely without screws• It was a very good time for Cherry, and they had a world-exclusive on the gold crosspoint contacts in the MX switches that were used in this very keyboard - something we now take for granted because it helps reduce oxidation of the metal contact surfaces in most mechanical switches
22" x 1 The elegantly, extruded aluminum housing integrates the original CHERRY MX switches with all relevant functions for the highest quality
Details and Specifications Brand Cherry Model MX 3 85 lbs Cord Length 71 inches I have owned this keyboard for about a month
After a look at the high-end , I wanted to take a look also at what Cherry offers to other markets The only thing I don't like about this keyboard is the removable USB cable
This is why I am shopping for a new boardOh at first I thought the keys were too light, but now I love the MX Browns and all other keys feel too heavy This is perfect board for someone looking to buy their first mechanical
Primary: Black with White legends Features• If you are buying a mechanical keyboard noise is not your chief concern The USB connection cable is about 180 cm long and detachable
As far as noise goes, I got the board with MX Browns and the noise is acceptable Securely plugged, detachable cable• I had also mentioned then that the MX Board 6
How did the MX Board 3 Inscription technology: BLACK VERSION lasered• This was pretty much one of the few low profile mechanical keyboards I could find