Colon deutsch. Surgery for ruptured colon

Then, the remaining 2 ends or 2 sides are sewn together.

Your doctor will usually begin with medical therapy unless you have a severe complication initially that requires surgery.

Ask a Digestive System Specialist.

Bacteria and their toxins can be further absorbed, get into the bloodstream, and cause sepsis which can finally lead to a lethal outcome.

An infection may be caused by contaminated instruments, which can be successfully avoided by adequate sterilization of all the equipment.

Choose foods that are low in fat. You may also need to replace blood and to treat any other complications. Again, there is no scientific evidence to support the use of this method for the removal of mucoid plaque. Repeated irrigation and draining of the water can result in a loss of certain electrolytes, including sodium, and potassium. When using a colon this way, always make sure the text before the is an independent clause that could stand as a complete sentence on its own.