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So, once again, everything you read or face on this page is for entertainment. Game crashing• Disclaimer QuizExpo does not own any of the images used on this page. Are you wondering whether or not you can be considered a weeb? Log-in• Maybe you are not a Weeaboo, and you are a Nijikon instead. For instance, if someone in Germany visits the Italian version of a website with content and products aimed at Italian visitors the website will automatically redirect them to the German version. Is that a f------ jojo reference?• JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOJOOOO!• DON'T YOU DARE TALK ABOUT ANIME AROUND THESE PARTS• A weeb is a person who is interested in anime and.
I run a website a called ALONE!!. "Let's eat"• What do you say before you eat your food? A place where people live and stuff• This quiz will determine whether or not you are a weeb. Stop overdosing on animes before it's too late. So, we will not be happy to call you that. Voicemail• You risk being alone forever.