Farmland bunker code. Call of Duty Warzone: Use This Code to Unlock the Farmland Bunker Door

Use it as a reference whilst playing if you want. Boneyard Bunker 01 and Boneyard Bunker 03 both have codes you can enter on the keypad, but Boneyard Bunker 02 does nothing when you enter a code. This building should have a keypad out front. You can drop there or head there later on and find some sweet, sweet loot with the proper code. push. In Call of Duty: Warzone , players frequently find themselves competing and dueling over control of Bunkers to get the gear inside. TV Station 27495810 East and below TV Station, players will see a small shack alone on the roadside. This loot can help turn the tide of battle, especially if you land there immediately.
Check out our guides for the , , or just go to our full list of! In Call of Duty: Warzone, loot is the name of the game. ffte. Get it here. Keypad Locations Image via Activision Prison Shack 72948531 Located west of the Zordaya Prison Complex, there stands a small shack on its own. However, new players might not be aware that in order to access the bunker, you must enter a code. slice. Just like bunker 2 and 3, you need to spot a small stone house. development.