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Click to rate this post! Send Your Name To MARS Perseverance Rover Image: NASA There have been several attempts in the past to put land rovers on the surface of Mars.

At night when I was glued to the screen watching with bated breath as the countdown began, I didn't have the heart to tell the 5-year-old that it was way past his bedtime.

Plus, you can get your own boarding pass as a souvenir just like ours right here.

NASA Has a No-Fly List? Its first targeted site is the.

You have until September 30, 2019, to submit your request for a boarding pass.

With this procedure, over 1 million names can put on a single chip.

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Umm, Maybe you are already working, or it could even be that you immediately continue your master's study.

Scientists soar their name to the Red Planet when they take a sample to investigate read more Related article NASA previously performed this feature, using an estimated 10,900,000 names currently found on the Perseverance Rover.

Anyone can be a part of these historic missions to Mars.

But the overriding sentiment was one of exhilaration and even when the lessons moved on to other subjects the 'class trip to Mars' remained in everyone's mind.

Signature chips on mars: these two signature chips circled in red carry 1.

Send your names to Mars now.

Perseverance is carrying the names of more than 10.