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Aug 2016 2.

Fixed crash that occurs when starting After Effects Date: 05.


Fixed an issue causing a crash after attempting to fix layer parenting for layers with presets• Added support for paths masks, shapes to Keyframe Wingman• Fixed a bug that causes freezing UI when editing a text layer Date: 10.

User accounts.

Fixed some minor issues Date: 22.

Improved product update notification system• You are reusing compositions from other project files.

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Aug 2016 2 Added Copy Item Name and Preset Code to item context menu• Dataclay Templater Rig Easily customize video with an elegant and streamlined workflow solution
Fixed bug causing freezing after adding a folder containing too many sound files Date: 11 Fixed random logout issue• Audio files
Added option to change Precomp's duration before inserting it• New presets in "The Most Handy Presets Pack" Fixed logout issues on macOS• Sep 2017 2
Added an error dialog that appears when Product Manager cannot be found Date: 22 Updated some precomps from Filmmaker's Transitions• May 2018 2
8 Platform: macOS• New "Manage Products" window You can load your own files to Animation Composer• Fixed some crashes on Windows caused by a bug in DirectX text rendering• Other minor changes Date: 25
Avoided loading in unsupported versions of After Effects• Fixed preview scaling for footage with aspect ratio other than 16:9• Added support for non-Roman characters• Updated installer for macOS Catalina Date: 27 Mar 2017 2
Fixed an issue causing a rare crash after selecting a layer• Mar 2021 3 Fixed some issues causing a rare crash Date: 07
Fix Free Starter Pack download button• 1 Date: 23. Fixed an issue with previews on Windows when there is no audio device available• You have large audio libraries, and you want an easy way to browse, preview and add the sound effects and add them to your composition. Fixed issue with entering non-English characters when editing texts in precomps• The titles are placed to your sequence as MOGRTs. Fix some rare crashes Date: 11. Added a new feature that lets you add Sounds to Animation Composer• Fixed some issues with presets that use pseudo effects• Added preview images to folders• Fixed an issue causing "EntryPoint not found" error on macOS High Sierra• Added support for new Backgrounds and Transitions• Fixed a bug causing Precomp duration cannot be set above 100s• Preview Grid now shows only items shown in tree when using search• Update to Animation Composer 2 for free and check out the other videos for tips and tricks. Fixed a crash that happened when one of AC panels was docked as Stacked Panel Group Date: 15. Fixed some crashes under low memory conditions• Added buttons for replacing selected Precomp with another one• You have your own composition templates or MOGRTs and want an easy way to browse, preview, and add them to your composition. Other Tools to Help with Workflow in After Effects Below are three workflow tools for After effects that you may not be familiar with. Fixed bug causing freezing AE when changing palette on some specific precomps• Fixed Green Preview issue on Windows• Dec 2020 3.