Freak show lyrics. Set It Off

come all the freaks, let's go! 'Cause faux plastic dolls With their hands and their ribbons Will strangle us all And they'll all be forgiven I refuse to be taken The typical way So welcome to the freak show I hope that you find yourself today I wanna get buzzed on the weekend Get messed up and depressed with my friends 'Cause I don't need, no, I don't need you So I'ma take a drug on the weekend Take myself outta my suppressed head 'Cause I don't need, no, I don't need you See I'm asleep but wide awake I pray the Lord my soul will break It's right there on the table So take it off, take it off! jspinyin. This is just a preview! a home Come and join the freak show There's a place for you We will be the family That you never knew Come and join the freak show There's no need to fear Welcome to the freak show Everyone is welcome here! jspinyin. " Romans 12:2 This song has some similarities with one of their older songs, 'Alien Youth': "It's been confirmed that the aliens have landed. Bitch, are you fucking serious? Miss Sprocket7. Tin Man14. Steam Powered Giraffe 12. . I can't conform 'Cause I can't take anymore of your tainted bliss cause I've lost myself in make-believe You can't break me "Crumble and crumble Step up for the one and it's own lonely Circus freak! Come one, come all! My deepest, darkest secret? Ladies and gentleman Come in please? Is God there? Biarkan pertunjukan aneh itu membawa Anda pergi Ini seperti tontonan orang gila Anda bisa merasakannya memasuki otak Anda Tapi jangan khawatir Anda tidak akan merasakan apa-apa Dalam pertunjukan orang aneh, dalam pertunjukan orang aneh, dalam pertunjukan orang aneh, pikiran Anda akan terpesona Hei, Hei Selamat datang di pertunjukan freakshow Find more lyrics at lagurohani. Farewell My Old Friend feat.