Bernhard prinz von baden. Salem: Prinz Bernhard aus Salem gehört zum erlauchten Kreis derer, die Prinz Philip zu Grabe tragen

Philipp Siegmund 1627—1647• Vor 250 Jahren wurde Bernhard von Baden offiziell selig gesprochen.

SURNAME Baden, Bernhard Prince of ALTERNATIVE NAMES Baden, Bernhard Max Friedrich August Gustav Louis Kraft Prince of full name BRIEF DESCRIPTION German entrepreneur, head of the family business of Baden DATE OF BIRTH May 27, 1970 PLACE OF BIRTH The text is available under the license ; Information on the authors and the license status of integrated media files such as images or videos can usually be called up by clicking on them.

After the sales in the 2000s, only and its winery are still owned by the Baden family.

Doughty, Eleanor 17 April 2021.

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