Spring boot tutorial. Spring Boot Tutorial

If you are already familiar with spring framework then it is too easy to learn because Spring Boot is nothing but it developed on top of existing.

We have a home page with a link to display data from a database table.

By providing or avoiding the above points, Spring Boot Framework reduces Development time, Developer Effort, and increases productivity.

An alternative to or spring-boot-starter-redis Starter for using Redis key-value data store with Spring Data Redis and the Jedis client.

SpringBootApplication annotation includes Auto- Configuration, Component Scan, and Spring Boot Configuration.

Option 3 - Manually Create a Maven Spring Boot Project The last option is to create the project manually.

You can use spring boot to create Java Web application running via command line 'java -jar' or export to war file to deploy on Web Server as usual.

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Micro Service is an architecture that allows the developers to develop and deploy services independently.

Just like you can identify a Java class with a class name and a package name, you can identify a maven artifact by a GroupId and an ArtifactId.

It is an alternative of properties file.

All our projects would refer to the jars from the maven local repository.

Plus learn how to add reusable behaviours to your apps using aspect-oriented programming.

It is a multi-user, multithreaded database management system.

They make the code easier to test and maintain.