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dried printing ink in newspapers; dried coatings on various surfaces.

Examples include hydraulic fluids, perfumes and air care products.

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Active substance approval — indicates if the substance is an approved biocidal active substance.

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RST is the consecutive number of the substance in the series ABC Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium GmbH 2 , Alfred-Herrhausen-Allee 3-5 65760 Eschborn Germany• 13 40210 Duesseldorf Germany• When the appeal outcome is known, the registration will appear as Inactive Annulled registrations In the case of a merge between two companies having a registration for the same substance, the higher tonnage band registration is maintained as active, and the other registration is annulled
All the source data on which the summaries on this page are based, is provided by industry and stored in the ECHA databases co, Via Monte Cervino 7 20149 MILANO LOMBARDIA Italy• Ondarlan S
Pre-registration allows companies to continue manufacturing and importing their for several years until the registration deadline is reached Note that a registration made under REACH may not specifically cover the same nanoforms of the substances as found in the French inventory, Belgian inventory or the catalogue of nanomaterials used in cosmetics products