Asics metaspeed sky. Asics MetaSpeed Sky: Reviews and Full Analysis

Even better, ASICS's unique midsole design creates remarkable efficiency through the gait cycle, which will undoubtedly elevate training sessions or race day efforts The Adios Pro has smoother ride transitions but it is heavier than the Metaspeed Sky
Combine this with the high stack height of the MetaSpeed Sky midsole, and you get nearly no flexibility
THOMAS : I really have enjoyed the recent batch of race day shoes we have reviewed Whether out on long tempo runs or chasing down a race-day PR, runners' will continually feel fresh and fast when running in the MetaSpeed Sky
The real surprise was how rare and how expensive the shoe was set to be upon launch The carbon fiber plate takes away any flex that this shoe will have, but this never bothered me
create null ;if l At first glance, it would seem that the MetaSpeed Sky is one of the most robust "super shoes
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The thin upper is the perfect match to the cushioned, bouncy midsole Conclusion It's a better fitting race shoe that can go head-to-head with or beat come race day