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gdm — Fixed yeast storage shelf in the bakery, you stored a package of yeast with 1000L and only 100L came out after restarting the game — Fixed big bags, lashing straps, the lower part should no longer slip when lashing straps were put on — Bale storage for compound feed fixed, colored wrapped bales were only stored in white — CutterEffect added for clover, warnings occurred when using direct cutters — BigBag Max could be reset through your own inattention, this has now been prevented — Fixed freezing animals at the sheepfold if you had moved a little away — Various Ground TipCollis added to stables and animal enclosures Innovations: — Cheese production has been made a little more realistic, rennet has now been added.

— Models of cows adapted to a realistic size were far too large in contrast to the player — Stable gates provided with neat handles — Milk churns, cheese loaves, wool bales and dead pigs with percentage readings — Cheese factory and mill rebuilt to Global Company the Global Company Mod is required — Number of possible heaps previously expanded 31 new 63 — sawmill: area for tree trunk sale marked by curbs — Purchased transport pallet slightly enlarged should now fit better to the pallet forks.

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Der zeitgesteuerte Verkauf wurde auf Grund diverser Triggerprobleme deaktiviert.

Here is the link to the patch for players with DVD editions:• Honey production mods other than those integrated in the map• - Die Quaderballenpressen aus dem Strohbergungs Addon geben nun die Standard Quaderballen aus.

— more bale storage added, especially for the small bales from the Balemaster.

Approach a livestock trailer containing conventional not full cows on the other side of the cage until the option has arrived allowing you to drive one into the cage• — Cheese storage shelf extended with goat cheese — at the vegetable stand at the petrol station fruit boxes can now be sold. Please note that only one type of milk can be stored in the milk tank in the cheese dairy. Oils and fats can be transported with the universal tank. You will then have to guide them to the calf hutches keeping them on a leash. — Rainwater tanks converted to FillTypeConverter Script from GTX, and waterfillplane made more realistic. 4 - Parked Cars, Positionen an Patch 1.