Cybex platinum cloud z. Sirona Z i

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This provides a comfortable seat temperature even on hot days.

System Plus offer your child greater protection.

By being able to extend and recline the area between the head, neck and chest in the most horizontal way possible.

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The risk of breathing difficulties is reduced considerably.

Netherlands delivery time 3-5 working days Italy delivery time 3-5 working days Spain delivery time 3-5 working days Islands are excluded from delivery Cloud Z i-Size è disponibile anche con SensorSafe, una clip intelligente e unica che migliora la sicurezza del tuo bambino quando viaggia in automobile
We strive to send you your order as soon as possible The height-adjustable support foot provides additional stability
An installation indicator also helps to prevent a possible misuse It provides you and your child with an ergonomic and comfortable travel experience
Ergonomic lie-flat position for excellent comfort Thanks to a full-recline position the infant car seat turns into a carry cot outside of the car Cybex Platinum Baby Seat Cloud Z i-Size design: Passion Pink - purple · 2019 With a weight loss of 15%, the Cybex infant car seat Cloud Z i-Size is significantly lighter than its predecessor Cloud Q i-Size
Equipped with a seat insert, the Cloud Z features a nearly flat reclining position for newborns Thanks to this adjustability, the child's head is tilted back which prevents the dangerous tipping forward during sleep