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Here a bunch of random people try to catch the frustrated run-away daughter of a rich man in hopes of earning the reward
Some of… Good luck
Related Categories• Use the AROW KEYS and the WASD KEYS " Crazy Race 2 is the sequel to a German movie in the vain of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and Rat Race
Archives Meta• The focus is less on the car action though, and instead lies more on the characters this time " You see how clever you sound ever since you started saying what I'm thinking? If you like car games dear talented friends and players and you are always looking for some fun new driving games to try you can look no further because our hard working team has just decided what the next game in this fun 2018 games marathon should be today and this game is called Crazy race so obviosly it comes from the very popular Car Games online category and we are about to tell you exactly what you have to do in this fun game
First of all you can choose if you want to play the game as a single player or as 2 players because you can also play with one of your friends if you want and you will get some super cool cars with different capacities and of course that your mission will be to try to win the races Topics• How to play? The sequel doesn't attempt to continue the story but instead tells a stand-alone plot that still has a lot of vehicles making their way from point A to point B, but this time it's less of a general race