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Wolff pursued her studies by enrolling in classes as a non-matriculating student Осуществлена статическая оптими-зация процесса по двум критериям
This chemosensing approach avoids time-consuming workup and purification steps, and it is applicable to minute sample amounts which reduces the use of solvents and limits waste production Analytical Chemistry 2019, 91 22 , 14591-14596
Among the modes of operation batch, fed-batch and continuous , the fed-batch operation is often used in in Israel Journal of Chemistry 2016, 56 11-12 , 1052-1056
Chirality 2019, 31 5 , 375-383 Im Mai hat Antonia erklärt, dass sie aus Rücksicht auf damit gewartet hatte, das Liebes-Aus öffentlich zu machen
Science Advances 2016, 2 2 , e1501162 De los Santos, Sean MacAvaney, Katina Russell, Christian Wolf
Mit den Bildern ihrer Vorgängerin scheint die Sportskanone allem Anschein nach keine Probleme zu haben First, on the basis of a previously identified parameter set, partial parameter estimation with laboratory experimental data is performed
Recent Advances in Sensing Using Atropoisomeric Molecular Receptors. Abstract: Тhe paper describes a new pilot-scale biogas plant of the Institute of Microbiology — Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. A Convenient Fluorescent Method to Simultaneously Determine the Enantiomeric Composition and Concentration of Functional Chiral Amines. Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering 2020, 14 1 , 28-40. The referred biotech- nological process is described by a second-order non-linear model based one-stage reaction scheme. The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2014, 79 14 , 6517-6531.
This work considers the parameter and state estimation of a low-order model of anaerobic digestion of cattle dung Und gegen das Glück von zwei Menschen kann einfach niemand etwas sagen
Analytical Chemistry 2019, 91 9 , 5961-5967 Tandem Use of Optical Sensing and Machine Learning for the Determination of Absolute Configuration, Enantiomeric and Diastereomeric Ratios, and Concentration of Chiral Samples
Achieving tunable dual-emissive and high-contrast mechanochromic materials by manipulating steric hindrance effects Wolff died suddenly on 21 March 1953, of unknown causes, possibly a heart attack, at the age of 64
Chemical Communications 2019, 55 50 , 7183-7186 Wolff's connection with Jung was pivotal in her development as an analyst and member of the early analytical psychology circle in Zurich
Boris Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Induced Circular Dichroism of Achiral Cyclic Bisurea via Hydrogen Bonds with Chiral Carboxylates
Accounts of Chemical Research 2014, 47 7 , 2212-2221 Supramolecular Chirality in Self-Assembled Systems
This parameter derives from the differential circularly polarized light absorption of the sample but is independent of concentration Jung Protocols, Library of Congress, quoted in Lance S