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Tell me about how Black Girls Who Blog got started: It was tweeted into existence he start of a speech? Speaking does put you at the center of attention
There honestly is no good reason not to try Xtra-PC We sell the idea that Hollywood and film festivals operate as meritocracies and that smaller films don't get made just because they are small films
Megan's chosen to use a feminist approach, allowing our voices to be heard without the pressure of fitting into questionnaire boxes N company 24-08-2021 E
Due to the lack sun on the day I visit, the hundreds of mirrors stand still and silent I would also see black girls who blog not getting the same kinds of endorsements, sponsored posts, brand collaborations, etc
What role do festivals like NYFF play in repairing broader, systemic inequalities in the film industry, such as gender disparity among directors? I get it! N company 17-08-2021 E And Amie also agreed to answer some questions
Megan Thompson Megan Thompson is in her final year studying Creative Events Management at Falmouth University in England and became interested in feminist film festivals because she'd like to be involved with them in the future What that knowledge instills, however, is a determination to find the widest possible range of expression from across the globe to dispel that myth