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Part 1 The export markets are especially interesting for this specialization
Accessed August 30, 2017 eurid
A subsidiary of the Dussman Group suffered a ransomware infection in which malicious actors stole and publicly leaked its data DKA has already informed clients and employees about the cyber-attack and the data outflow
The data protection authorities and the State Office of Criminal Investigation in Saxony have been informed and charges have been filed The servers were shut down as a precaution
The Dussmann Group is the largest multi-service provider in Germany with subsidiaries focusing on facility management, corporate childcare, nursing and care for the elderly, and business systems solutions, including HVAC, electrical work, and elevators Finally, MFA should be enabled for corporate accounts, and Windows event logs should be monitored for unusual entries
However, the most frequent projects are the construction of so-called blood plasma stores and blood plasma freezing units
The company has around 30 locations throughout Germany and is part of the
DKA is in close communication with the authorities and external cyber-security experts Diversifying made us much more independent of the market fluctuations
Lawrence's area of expertise includes malware removal and computer forensics Die moderne Serviceorganisation des DKA basiert auf der Kombination aus deutschlandweiten Servicenetz und fortschrittlicher Fernservicezentrale