Robert bosch krankenhaus. RBK

The Foundation facilitates medical research and finances innovative investments that are not covered by funding from other sources.

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27 August 2021.

"We should always strive to improve the existing situation - we also took this maxim of our founder and benefactor Robert Bosch to heart and considered last year how we could further optimise our own processes," says Dos Santos, describing the initial situation.

"Our CLINIOS are very powerful and can be adapted and extended as required," says Bernd Schmidtke, Head of Sales Germany at Rein Medical, explaining the advantages of the product.

The 17 medical departments are closely intertwined and form centers that span fields and locations, including certified centers for various forms of cancer, for geriatric traumatology, as well as the interdisciplinary emergency center.

This enabled us to provide optimum support in analysing the requirements for the equipment of the packing stations.