Scorpion kick fifa 21. Skill Moves Guide

Holding both L1 and R1, flick the right stick in the direction you want to move the ball.

Flick Up for Volley Hold the left stick up.

2 Star Skill Moves in FIFA 21 Body Feint You can move to either side with the body feint.

Flick Up Hold L1 and tap R3.

That should be everything you need to know about how to do a rainbow flick in.

Ball Roll and Flick While running with the ball, hold the right stick to either the right or left then flick up.

Spin Flick Hold R1, flick RS up then right or left.

Welcome to the FIFA Subreddit Useful Links: Top Of The Box• 1 Star Skill Moves in FIFA 21 Standing Ball Juggle Generally used to waste time or to annoy online opponents.

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Spin Left Holding R1, roll the right stick anti-clockwise from the bottom to the left 270 degrees.

Fake Pass Exit While standing, hold R2 and Square then press X and left stick to the right or left.

Ball Roll Fake Turn Holding L2, flick the right stick up then left or right.