Legendary, Epic and Super Magical: Clash Royale Chest Cycle How to Get Legendary Chest? You can search on the internet for any desired stats applications and can download them for proper use. However, the player has to be dedicated, as this chest requires 2000 trophies, along with 2 complete chest cycles. Open this app, and you can track the progress of chests easily on from the main screen, therefore we can say that the interface is very friendly of this app. Note: Epic chest contains 10 epic cards. That means if you are playing 2v2 battles when your chest slots are full then the chest cycle moves ahead and you may lose some of the chests.
A lot of Android users are using it as well You can check that exactly when you will get the Gold and when you will get the Super gold
Stats Royale Clash There are a lot of stats available for the clash The Chest Cycle consists of, Silver Chests, Golden Chests, Magical Chests and Giant Chests
With more insight into the Chest drop rates and chest tracker app, you can strategize your ultimate winning moves So when the next Chests are foreseen then what can beat you? Clash Royale Chests Cycle When you get any chest after playing the game, these all chests are depending upon the Stats Royale Chests Cycle
Chest tracker gives an exact prediction of which chest you are going to get Magical Chest Magical Chest comes after the Golden Chest but it is a lot harder to achieve than golden or silver chests
It requires 3 hours or 18 gems for a user to access its contents Clash Royale Chest Tracker This application follows the I posted before on Clash World, It also uses the shared data of the game on your computer to determine where you are in the chest cycle at the moment
If yes, Then you are in the right place Legendary Chest is one of the 3 rarest chests achieved through severe battles