Fregatte sachsen. Sachsen (F 219)

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Sensors and countermeasures [ ] The APAR radar For this role the ships are equipped with an advanced sensor and weapons suite 1 m 20 ft 0 in Complement 190 standard crew: 110 Sensors and processing systems• In 1996 the German government contracted for three ships with an option on a fourth that was provisionally to have been named as the Thuringen, but the option for this fourth ship was not taken up
Osborne, Eric W The tests included firings against target drones such as the and , as well as against missile targets such as the and air-launched anti-ship missiles
04421 966000; Newsletter 20 December 2011
Fregattengeschwader, which itself became part of the new on 27 June 2005
Jetzt aber ist es nur noch Most likely that these ships are designated frigates for political reasons

They are primarily designed for low and medium intensity maritime stabilization operations, where they are supposed to provide sea-to-land tactical fire support, control at sea and support of special forces.

However the German Sachsen class has a small advantage in having hangars for two helicopters, compared to the single hangar on the other two.

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7 mm -NT remote-controlled machine gun turrets• EUR 1,50 Versand.

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