Konstanz. Konstanz

Konstanz was an important trade centre and a spiritual centre.

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Stephans Platz downtown ; Wednesday and Saturday mornings in St.

The heart of the city is the Marktstätte Marketplace , near the harbor, with the simple bulk of the Konzilgebäude looming behind it.

What put it on the map was the Council of Constance, held between 1414 and 1418 to settle the Great Schism 1378—1417 , the rift in the church caused by two separate lines of popes, one ruling from Rome, the other from Avignon.

The statue is of a woman holding two naked men--Pope Martin V and Emperor Sigismund--in her hands.

It takes place in the week preceding Ash Wednesday.

Located on a trade route between Germany and Italy, Konstanz became a free imperial city in 1192.

The Council resolved the problem in 1417 by electing Martin V as the true, and only, pope Previously the communes had been divided, some favoring the emperor and others favoring the pope
Offers Italian food of all different varieties as well as Italian-style coffee To reach Konstanz from the rest of Germany is time-consuming
It is made up of narrow streets and old buidings, sometimes more then 700 years old Mon-Sat 9:00 to 19:00, closed Sundays
Why not check out university life today? Flower gardens and parks, butterfly house, greenhouse Coat of arms The coat of arms show a fish both in top left as well as the bottom right, representing the fishing industry in the Lake Constance
The proprietors speak English and can arrange for nearby parking for a modest fee The bulk of the market is in Konstanz though
From 1414-1417 the council of Konstanz was held here to elect a new pope Emperor Charles V, after defeating the League, deprived Konstanz of its free imperial status and gave it to his brother, later Emperor Ferdinand I
This hotel is located on a small island in a former Dominican Cloister Konstanz is among the best-preserved medieval towns in Germany; during the war the Allies were unwilling to risk inadvertently bombing neutral Switzerland
Tuesdays except for holidays and school holidays are ladies' only in the saunas Intersport Gruner across from the Lago Center, or Karstadt Sport in the basement of the Lago Center to join a bus day-trip to a ski resort
Vier Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler der Universität Konstanz werden 2020 mit dem Forschungspreis der Dr Konstanz was founded as a Roman fort in the 4th cent
Stephan's Platz, in the old town , From Switzerland: the A7 leads straight into Konstanz
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The vegan first policy is completed by a selection of vegetarian dishes an meat The city is also a tourist center
It has textile, machine-building, pharmaceutical, ceramics, and food-processing industries Museum dedicated to Czech religious reformer Jan Hus
Offers italian food, a great place to sit outside and watch the tourist masses walk by or catch the performances of the street artists By bus The bus system is fast and efficient
On the first Friday of each month from May to October, the shops of Niederburg stay open late and there is music, flea market tables, and art in the streets Among the numerous historic buildings in Konstanz are the cathedral 11th cent
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