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Using the scanners is free of charge. Please contact us if you are interested in joining a tour in English. Enable compression Compressing resources with gzip or deflate can reduce the number of bytes sent over the network. Eating is not permitted in any of our branches. Pick up your book and borrow it at the service desk or self-service station.
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You will be notified via e-mail as soon as your requested items are ready to be picked up To place an order Log in to your account and order items for your preferred branch
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To place a reservation Check the Katalog Plus to find out when the book is due back Einstellungen zusätzlich das Ablegen von Briefen in bestimmten Ordnern in Abhängigkeit von Absender, Zieladresse, Betreff, Mail-Body etc
Depending on the branch, the delivery will take 2 to 7 days Please note: Interlibrary loans or orders from our magazine stock can be picked up at the service desk during our service hours only
We also offer library tours on a regular basis In addition, the library offers several other options to search databases and portals
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Whether you prefer to work quietly on your own or to exchange thoughts with your group — there is something for everyone Deutz, Südstadt or Gummersbach: All items on hold are provided at the pick-up shelf and arranged according to your borrower number