Find my airpods. How to add AirPods to Find My iPhone

It's what happens when you chop the cord off a set of in-ear buds; they don't have much mass, and if you don't remember to store them in their pillbox case, you may find yourself frantically searching for an earbud or two.

Or you may just want to take extra precautions.

If your AirPods are out of range of all of your devices, need to charge, or are in the AirPod Case, Find My iPhone can still help by showing the time and location where they were last connected.

And a single AirPod is easy to lose in the gym or when changing clothes.

Wrapping it up Hopefully, by now you should have found your AirPods or have had them replaced.

The app also has a car option where it will show you the quickest route to get those airpods.

Step 2: Tap on your AirPods from the list and it will show up in the map, with the location or the last location it was connected to your iPhone. You can also use Find My iPhone through iCloud. Whether they're in the case, out of the case, in my ears, etc. Maybe you signed in to iCloud. There's no getting around it: the AirPods are small. You can also mute your left or right earpiece in case you only lost one, since this sound is very loud. Next up, you should see the last known location of your AirPods on the map. A grey dot means your AirPods are off, out of battery, in their case, or out of range. But this location is for when they were last connected to the iPhone. An important thing to note is that all of these steps apply only if the AirPods are out of their case and connected to your iPhone.