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Or Mira should win because she and Elfman could stalemate Skullion and Madmole. About AoE, Skullion didn't used AoE city size on Mirajane to try to erase her. Mira: You're so harsh!! Skullion has the ability to turn Kyria and Madmole to ash without hurting them too. They were sitting ducks who did not put a resistance. He can even try to redirect the devil slaying power from the ice into an energy blast like he did against Doriarte.

The "it's too dangerous" argument doesn't work because Gray can simply freeze Mirajane.

Gray: No.

The difference between Mira and Gray is pretty much the exact same difference between Skullion and Gray.

In all likeliness, Gray is closer than that.

The way I see it: Scenario 1 - slayer magic is applicable and he fought in base Scenario 2 - slayer magic isn't applicable and he fought in DeS mode Scenario 3 - slayer magic is applicable and he fought in DeS mode The third scenario is impossible, considering he needed mid-high diff.

I don't see him being anywhere below that in stats, compared to Mira.

Larcade could block a barrage of sword strikes from Kagura.

Both Grey and Mirajane were ineffective with their attacks.

Demonizing increases his stats, which he can use to fight physically.

What? Mirajane only could last longer as she could move freely on the ground and use her speed and agility, forcing Skullion to spend Magic until begin to be weaker-exaust.

Gray has incredible AoE with Ice-Make Silver.

That couldn't be any further from the truth.


Gray was basically Tenrou LFD Natsu tier in Tartaros.