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Music video [ ] While , and are in the audience, can be seen taking Schneider's place by playing the drums and and are seen singing.

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The chorus features a female voice.

I think this song is about how society favors conformity over individuality.

In the first months of the 2001 tour, "Engel" appeared in the setlists sporadically, but became a regular again in November, and continued as the last song of the main set until the end of the tour.

The lyrics of this song can also be seen as doubting the existence of God.

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Engel Extended Version - 4:34• Same thing when they translate afrikaans music here in South Africa, it doesnt have the same affect when you try to translate it.

It was released in April 1997 as the first from their second album,.

Do not post anything that you do not have the right to post• Society tells people that a certain ways of life are "good" and "right" and every other way is wrong.

Thus two factors that can be conclusively ascertained from this track is that it deals with these spiritual beings and also the afterlife.

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When you look to heaven, you wonder why you cannot see them.

Kruspe• Sehnsucht - 4:02• For more information, please read our page.

The female part of song's chorus is sung by of the German band.