Toni palzer. Ski Mountaineering

The organizers reacted to the adverse weather and the rather slow snow removal with two changes Over the years, I have learnt to listen to the right voice; however, before an interval training session on a rainy day, body and mind can work against me
2012: 5th, , relay, together with , Philipp Reiter and Grand Tour general classification results timeline [ ] 2021 — — Legend — Did not compete Did not finish References [ ]• However, his natural climbing ability should already show in his first races this year Palzer attempted the grueling 23km route all above 2,300m altitude in the early hours of Friday June 26 with the weather perfect for mountain running
Only the last three kilometres hurt Anton Palzer Tired, but happy, Toni Palzer brought home the Watzmann record Ski mountaineer and mountain runner Anton Palzer is happily lying on the ground after his record run across the Watzmann If he can become a world-beater remains to be seen
, SkiMo Stats• Instead, I focus on the next winter
, ISMF 4 years in a row he was unbeatable in the Junior ski mountaineering World Cup and demonstrated his strengths by winning several Junior and Espoir World Championship and European Championship titles
Crossing the Watzmann is only for experienced professionals In 2011, Palzer won Gold in the juniors' class individual and sprint race at the World Championship in , and Silver in the juniors' vertical race
He said they were the hardest things he has done Not an option for Toni! For all his ambition, having fun and a joy for nature have always been at the heart of his sport
So I thought he definitely deserves a thread where we can follow his rise to the top of the cycling world Ascent on skis and skins on marked tracks• Team Race: Ca
Against the clock, crossing the finish line• In 2015, he improved his own record by around 17 minutes, in order to beat it again by chance in 2018 with a mark of 3h 06m 55s from a training session Palzer usually recovers from the long ski mountaineering season in June
Five-digit attendances are common in these races, which are summarized as La Grande Course. Here the entourage is now over the north side of the Gotthard Pass to Ticino and from there via the Lukmanierpass drive. Exactly, I wouldn't say he is a ultra endurance athlete. The Watzmann is somehow my mountain Anton Palzer Palzer checks the time of his new record Ski mountaineer and mountain runner Anton Palzer looks at his smart watch. Great way to start a thread. And despite his young age, Toni is well known as high-flyer of the scene with a firm grip on reality. March 7, 2010, at the , canillo2010. His desire for athletic achievement comes second to his passion for sport and his , which are clearly what motivates him the most. Vertical meters.