Joe biden donald trump. Joe Biden Blames Afghanistan Collapse On Donald Trump

by coyotes and drug cartels, not by their parents Biden was generally held to have won the debate, though it was considered unlikely to alter the race to any considerable degree
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cd--has-siblings:not Suggestion to have state legislatures choose Electoral College voters Both before and after the election, Trump and other Republican leaders publicly considered asking certain Republican-controlled state legislatures to select electors for Trump rather than Biden, even in the event of a Biden victory in those states
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Lower federal income tax rates• He recalled all of the things he did as president to strengthen the United States, including on trade, energy, and border security, and he criticized Biden for ending it For him Afghanistan and Iraq were foreign policy irritations to be jettisoned so he could concentrate on the main event
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Trump mentioned Biden and his administration—branding this "a complete and total catastrophe"—29 times at his rally in Wellington, Ohio, on Saturday.



Additional candidates may have received write-in votes, which were not reported and are not included in others, total votes or percentages.