Young plan einfach erklärt. Birmingham campaign


's presence in Birmingham was not welcomed by all in the black community.

According to magazine in 1958, the only thing white workers had to gain from was more competition from black workers.

The rift between the businessmen and the politicians became clear when business leaders admitted they could not guarantee the protesters' release from jail.

Black churches in which civil rights were discussed became specific targets for attack.

It was King's 13th arrest.

Reichstagswahlen• The mood was compared to that of a school picnic.

Flyers were distributed in black schools and neighborhoods that said, "Fight for freedom first then go to school" and "It's up to you to free our teachers, our parents, yourself, and our country.

The day's arrests brought the total number of jailed protesters to 1,200 in the 900-capacity Birmingham jail.

If you're not going to demonstrate in a nonviolent way, then leave! Bevel and the organizers knew that high school students were a more cohesive group; they had been together as classmates since kindergarten.

Because they believed Connor's extreme conservatism slowed progress for the city as a whole, a group of white political moderates worked to defeat him.