Dr. thomas kinne. Duke Flags Lowered: Dr. Thomas Kinney, Davison Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics, Dies

He became widely known in his home country for his frequent appearances as a contestant and winner on a wide variety of on and One year later, he appeared on the first German Jeopardy! A few months later, back in Germany, Kinne reached the final round on Jeder gegen jeden, the German version of
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2007 In the nearly 50 years since he earned his medical degree at Duke, Dr
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Rhein-Zeitung. was re-launched in Germany in 1994 under its original title and a copy of the original set, Kinne was one of the three contestants in the premiere episode, hosted by. comicsalliance. 1996. 2017: Der Quiz-Champion: vinnareā€¢ To learn more about one of the top board certified Plastic Surgeon in the Milwaukee area, please contact us today. 1995: Jeopardy! usphonebook. Retrieved November 9, 2017. Kinne en ; Thomas Kinne dsb ; Thomas Kinne ro ; Thomas Kinne id ; Thomas Kinne yo ; Thomas Kinne hsb ; Thomas Kinne vi ; Thomas Kinne nds ; Thomas Kinne lb ; Thomas Kinne af ; Thomas Kinne lt ; Thomas J.