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de in German. Retrieved 18 August 2021. The election of the new CDU party president, after several postponements due to the coronavirus epidemic, took place only at the two-day party congress in mid-January 2021, which was the first fully digital congress in the party's history. On 16 January 2021, Laschet was leader of the CDU, winning 52. Retrieved 23 June 2021.
Retrieved 23 June 2021 In 2020 alone, Laschet met with French president three times
In 2013, Laschet also criticised Westerwelle's demand to release former President after the , as minorities and Christians in particular had suffered under Mursi Das ist komplett unbedenklich
Retrieved 17 January 2021 In der Mitte und bei Geringverdienern sind es 100 oder 400 Euro
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[ ] Member of the European Parliament, 1999—2005 [ ] As , Laschet served on the between 1999 and 2001 and on the between 2002 and 2005 In the programme, they stated that combating the pandemic, and defending prosperity and freedom are global challenges, and that their goal is to create a Germany open to the world, which strives for both modernisation and